Let The Eagle Fly

The biker genre has been lost to the over produced motion picture gimmicks of modern day hollywood. The success of these pictures depends entirely on their poor production quality. There are a lot of motorcycle movies that have inspired me over the years, and they are all bad…. but I love them all.

Ethan and I agreed that we should “give something back” to these formative influences; so, one afternoon in Denver we sat down, borrowed some markers from Adilyn (our buddies 8 year old daughter) and made a little movie of our own (shot and edited entirely on the iPhone).

Let The Eagle Fly.

Let The Eagle Fly from Todd Blubaugh on Vimeo.


Director: Ethan Fowler

1st Assistent Director: Todd Blubaugh

Executive Producer: Tommy Monette

Casting: Adilyn Monette

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