Stay Restless

Restlessness is a longing to experience anything that makes us feel as though we are actually doing something. For example, as I sit here writing this I do not feel restless because I am doing something meaningful. But if I were to sit down in this same chair and watch a movie, I would feel the solicitous flutter of butterfly wings in the core of my body. It’s a misunderstanding that doing “something” can be anything. If “something” isn’t meaningful, you might as well do nothing.
Eventually, the weight of these meaningless experiences accumulates and something in a person changes. They either find what is meaningful, or they give up completely.
It is not hard to recognize those who have made the conscious decision to stay restless. They are the ones that have the “something “ that everyone is looking for and I am inspired every time I’m given the opportunity to photograph one of them.
Stay restless.








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  1. bergin says:

    often times in this rat race we call life we often forget or completely miss how amazing some people in our lives truly are. You have captured not just a moment in life but true expression of living and living life to its fullest , not missing a moment but pursuing to be the best you can be. these pictures cannot even express the many attributes of these amazing people, one thousand unspoken words……….

  2. Jay says:” rel=”nofollow”>.…

    tnx for info!!…

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